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The economic challenges that Algeria will have to meet in the next decade will be vital for it because they require not only its active integration into the increasingly globalized global economy, but also the satisfaction of the needs of its growing population as well. Moreover, these challenges must be tackled in an irreversible option of gradual reduction of exclusive reliance on oil revenues to finance the economy; otherwise, it is the development objectives of the country that may be seriously compromised.

Despite all the efforts made so far in terms of economic adjustment, there remains a lot of work to be done to upgrade the entire economic fabric. This assumes the implementation of efficient modes of organization, the continuation of major public projects, the making of new investments in the productive sphere, the redeployment of industrial activities, the rational use of territories and the integration of innovation and technologies in industrial processes. In fact, this means the building of a new economy whose foundations must be based on a strong efficient and competitive productive system.

Even if the implementation of such a process is a very complex task, it remains yet within reach of the means of our country. Each actor involved in this process should impose on himself a discipline that must be reflected in the setting of targets entirely consistent with the overall approach defined by the authorities in the different plans of economic development and in the territory development policy.

It is within this framework that the Mediation and Land Regulation National Agency -ANIREF- is taking action by bringing viable solutions to the issue of access to economic land. It is always worth recalling that productive investment remains the cornerstone of any ongoing economic growth. However, in our context, the development of investment - as unanimously recognized by public authorities, investors and the specialized agencies-, remains heavily dependent on the loosening of the tension on economic land. The development of land supply of high quality is an absolute necessity to meet the conditions for sustainable economic growth that is sustained over time.
ANIREF's intervention as an instrument for land regulation in the hands of public authorities is precisely to propose solutions to reduce this persistent tension on land.

To perform fully its function of land regulation, the Agency has been tasked by the government to promote new spaces meant for hosting investment projects, through an ambitious program of realization of 42 new industrial parks.

Bolstered by its prerogatives, the Agency has taken the strategic option to develop the job of developer and manager of industrial sites, ultimately the development and promotion of new industrial parks referred to as "new generation" . This approach is fully consistent with the objectives of economic development plans and takes into account the 04 guidelines of the National Scheme of the Territory Development to 2030, and that are, as a reminder:

- The sustainability of resources,
- The rebalancing of territories
- The attractiveness and competitiveness of territories,
- Social and territorial equity.

The approach adopted by the National Scheme of the Territory Development to allow a new industrial process to occur, shall be, in a first phase, a prudential approach because it takes into account the limits of a territory that does not currently offer everywhere the same conditions for the development of a powerful, efficient and competitive industry.

This finding implies that in the immediate future, the areas of the country that will allow a significant boost of economic and social development with an outreach power on the rest of the country, are spaces that are structured around major cities. These are spaces that currently offer the best conditions for attractiveness. For this reason the National Scheme of the Territory Development retains:

- Algiers with its expansions on Blida, Boumerdes, Tipaza and Tizi-Ouzou;
- Oran with the urban arc formed by Mostaganem, Sidi Bel Abbes, Relizane and Mascara;
- Constantine, Annaba and Skikda.

The analysis also reveals the emergence of new economic spaces such as Sétif, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Batna, Tébessa and Tlemcen.

However, cities that have, historically speaking, the most important industrial basins are the only ones which are able to provide the conditions for the development of new powerful competitive industrial spaces that are also growth disseminators and where innovation and technical progress will occupy a key position. This is the concept that the National Scheme of the Territory Development retains and upon which ANIREF has drawn its approach in the creation and development of these new industrial parks.

Moreover, the approach of ANIREF remains in perfect cohesion with the principles adopted by the industrial development strategy regarding the redeployment of this sector; a redeployment that remains based on two key aspects in this case: competitiveness, innovation and technical progress as well as support for the development requirements of the country in order to reduce inequalities between different regions. The territorial action plan No. 13 is also supported.

The supply of land of ANIREF will be based on the development of new spaces, attractive by their location, fully developed and equipped with all amenities to facilitate the implementation of multiple industries. For the Agency, the challenge is to propose a new concept of the industrial park in Algeria that is based on international best practices. It is a "new generation" model park that will try to provide the best conditions for attractiveness. Moreover, the Agency does not exclude taking into account environmental concerns when designing and operating these spaces. The use of high environmental quality materials and renewable energy (solar energy mainly), the recovery of wastes generated in the park on site (recycling, processing and even energy production for example) are important aspects on which ANIREF emphasizes particularly when designing various specifications of the sites to develop.

The whole approach to the development of these new industrial parks: the location of the sites, the criteriology retained, the final ranking of the sites, the terms of the implementation of the project, the constraints, etc.., is developed in the attached document.


 new industrial areas


Wilaya Commune area (Ha)
1 El Tarf Matrouha 70
2 Guelma Ben Djerrah 140
3 Annaba Ain Berda 340
4 Constantine Didouche Mourad 300
5 Skikda Bekkouche Lakhdar 150
6 Skikda Ramdane Djamel 80
7 Jijel El Milia 523
8 Constantine Ain Abid 543
9 Mila Chelghoum Laid 247
10 Batna Ain Yagout 129
11 Sétif Ouled Sabeur 700
12 Bordj Bou Arreridj Ras El Oued 134
13 Bordj Bou Arreridj Hammadia 360
14 Bejaia El Kseur 206
15 Bejaia Beni mansour 175
16 Tiziouzou souamaa 372
17 Tizi Ouzou Draa El Mizane- Tizi Ghenif 116
18 Boumerdés Larbatache 136
19 Bouira Oued El Berdi 193
20 Médéa Ksar El Boukhari 200
21 Ain Defla Boumedfaa 57
22 Chlef Oued Sly 110
23 Chlef Boukadir 200
24 Tiaret (Zaaroura) Tiaret 327
25 Relizane Sidi Khettab 350
26 Mostaganem El haciane 224
27 Mascara Oggaz 98
28 Oran Oued Tlelat 250
29 Sidi Bel Abbes (Extension) Sidi Bel Abbés 100
30 Saida Saida 100
31 Ain Témouchent Tamazoura 205
32 SidiBellabes Raselma 100
33 Tlemcen Maghnia 103
34 Naama Naama 150
35 Tiaret Ain Bouchekif 318
36 Djelfa Ain Oussera 400
37 M'sila M'sila 77
38 Biskra Ouméche 200
39 Ghardaia Ghardaia 100
40 Ouargla Hassi Ben Abdellah 500
41 Béchar
42 Adrar Adrar 214

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