People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Ministry of Industry and Mines

Intermediation and Land Regulation National Agency
A delegation of the ANIREF carried out a mission at the AFI

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The Minister of Industry and Mines invites American enterprises to invest in Algeria
The rehabilitation program of activity and industrial zones entrusted to the ANIREF
Official Name: People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
Capital: Algiers
Location: North Africa
Area: 2 381 741 km²
Coastline: 1200 Km of coasts on the Mediterranean sea
Bordering countries: Tunisia,  Mali, Niger, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Western Sahara
Regime: Presidential
Administrative organization: 48 Wilayas, 600 Daïras
Main cities: Algiers, Oran,, Constantine, Annaba, and other administrative centers of wilayas
Time zone: GMT+1
Climate: Mediterranean in the  north, semi-arid in the highlands and saharan in the south

  • 39,5 millions of inhabitants (to January 1st, 2015)
  • Growth rate:              2,15 %
  • Urban population (2012) :       73,7 %
  • Labor force (2013) :          30,9% of the total population
  • Literacy rate (2012) :   85 %
  • Per GDP capitale (2014) : 5290 USD
Week-end: Friday and Saturday
Workingdays: From Sunday to Thursday     
  • Banks cash desks close at 3 pm
  • From 8 am to4.30 pm
  • Post offices and civil registry offices close at  6 pm

·         National celebrations:

  • National Independence Day: July 5th
  • Celebration of the outbreak of the liberation war: November 1st

·         Civil celebrations:

  • Labor Day: May 1st
  • New Year’s day: January 1s

·         Religious celebrations :

  • Feast of the break of fast-2 days
  • Sacrifice feast-2 days
  •  Islamic new year
  • Achoura
  • The Prophet nativity


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