People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Ministry of Industry and Mines

Intermediation and Land Regulation National Agency

L’ANIREF est chargée de poursuivre la réalisation des 7 nouvelles zones industrielles dont les travaux ont connu un début d’exécution. Il s’agit des zones industrielles de Ksar  El Boukhari (Medea), Larbaatache(Boumerdes), Ouled Ben Damou (Tlemcen), Ain Oussera (Djelfa), El Kseur (Bejaia), Oued Nechou (Ghardaia) et Sidi Bel Abbes (Sidi Bel Abbes)

01 Atlas Ain Oussara DJELFA  02 Atlas Ain Oussara DJELFA  03 Atlas Ain Oussara DJELFA  SDC10018    


Atlas El Kseur VF validé 03 07 2017 bejaia v2 2  Atlas El Kseur VF validé 03 07 2017 bejaia v2 3  Atlas El Kseur VF validé 03 07 2017 bejaia v2 5IMG 20180506 124534  IMG 08a8badcb9564a50390782e887c0cb11 V  

2 Atlas Ksar El Boukhari Médéa en cours de traitement  3 Atlas Ksar El Boukhari Médéa en cours de traitement  Atlas Ksar El Boukhari Médéa  investisseurs  Plan d'implantation  SDC12882

02 Atlas Larbatache Boumerdes PL modificatif  03 Atlas Larbatache Boumerdes PL modificatif  2 Canalisation  3 Instalation de chantier base de vie  1 terrassement réseau de voirie

Atlas Oued Nechou Ghardaia approuvé 2  Atlas Oued Nechou Ghardaia approuvé 3  Atlas Oued Nechou Ghardaia approuvé 5  IMG 1458  IMG 1465

1 Atlas Ouled Ben Damou Tlemcen approuvé PL MODIFICATIF  2 Atlas Ouled Ben Damou Tlemcen approuvé PL MODIFICATIF  3 Atlas Ouled Ben Damou Tlemcen approuvé PL MODIFICATIF  IMG 20170314 105948  IMG 20170416 133523

01 Atlas Sidi Bel Abbes extension Sidi Bel Abbés approuvé et corrigé   02 Atlas Sidi Bel Abbes extension Sidi Bel Abbés approuvé et corrigé  03 Atlas Sidi Bel Abbes extension Sidi Bel Abbés approuvé et corrigé  Tvx de teraassement et (lot Voirie) ZI SBA  Tvx terrassement en tranchée (lot Assainissement) ZI SBA

Télécommunications :

Telecommunications network among the most modern networks in the Mediterranean basin.

  • A fully digitized telephone network that is to ensure 100% coverage of the country
  • Fixed and mobile telephone density:86 lines / 1000 inhabitants (late 2012)
  • Total Fixed Line Subscriptions: 3.29 million (end of 2012), representing a penetration rate of 41.1% per household
  • Total mobile Subscriptions: 39.48 million by the end of 2013,increased 5.2% compared to 2012
  • WLL network subscribers: 16. 21%
  • WIFI network

Internet and data transmission (2014) :

Internet network covering almost all the country

  • Internet users(million): 10 
  • Number of ADSL subscribers(million) : 1.6
  • Enterprisesconnected: 20% 76 000 
  • Universités connectées 100% 
  • Number of websites: 76 000 
  • International bandwidth (Gigas) : 65 
  • Internetusers(million): 10
  • Number of ADSL networksubscribers(million):
  • Companies connected:20%76 000
  • Universitiesconnected100%
  • Numberof websites:76000

Posts :

  • Post cheques service, with a computer network linking all post offices and allowing various operations (payment and withdrawal on demand, accelerated payment, statement of operations, etc.)
  • Services : mail, savings, post cheques, airmail service,electronic payment
  • Post offices all around the country : money transferthrough the 'Western Union' network
  • Generalization of the electronic card


Rail transport

  • Network:4200km and6000underconstruction
  • Freighttonnage(million): 5

Maritime Transport

  • 40 ports and 11 commercial ports ( Annaba, Skikda, Jijel, Bejaia, Delys, Algiers, Tenes, Mostaganem, Arzew, Oran, BeniSaf) including six oil terminals
  • Ports are developed and equipped to enable the stopover and the handling of ships, car ferries, Ro-Ro, container ships, bulk carriers and oil tankers;They ensure the passage of all types of goods
  • 35airportsincluding 13 international ones

Road network:

  • One of the densest networks in Africa.
  • More than 118 2 450 km including 2450 km of highway
  • An East-West highway (designed tobe connected to Casablanca and Tunis)
  • Trans-Saharan road linking the north of the country to sub-Saharan Africa

New industrial parks project

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