ANIREF's approach

The economic challenges that Algeria will have to address over the next decade will be vital for it because it will have to insure its active integration into an increasingly globalized economy and also guarantee the satisfaction of its growing population needs. In addition, these challenges must be addressed in an irreversible option of gradually reducing the exclusive dependence on oil revenues for financing the economy; otherwise, the development goals of the whole country are likely to be seriously jeopardized.
Despite all the efforts made so far in terms of economic overhaul, there is still a hard long work that lies ahead to upgrade the entire economy. This implies the implementation of efficient organizational methods, the ongoing of major public projects, the realization of new productive investments, the redeployment of industrial activities, the rational use of territories and the integration of innovation and technologies in industrial processes. It is actually a matter of building a new economy which foundations must imperatively rely on a powerful, efficient and competitive production system.

Even though the implementation of such a process is a very complex task, it remains within our country’s reach. Each actor intervening in this process must set goals that are in coherence with the holistic approach that is adopted in the various economic development plans and the territory development policy.

It is within this framework that the Intermediation and Land Regulation National Agency - ANIREF- favors providing viable solutions to the issue of access to economic land. It is always worth pointing out that productive investment will remain the cornerstone of any economic growth. Within our context, the development of investment - as unanimously admitted by public authorities, investors and specialized institutions - remains highly dependent on the easing of tension over economic land. The development of a quality land offer is an absolute necessity if we want to meet the conditions for sustained economic growth.
The intervention of ANIREF as an instrument of land regulation in the hands of public authorities is precisely to propose solutions to reduce this persistent tension on land.
To fully carry out its land regulation mission, the Agency has been commissioned by public authorities to promote new spaces intended to host investment projects through the creation of 06 new industrial zones.
Being reinforced by its prerogatives, the Agency has decided on the strategic option of developing within it the profession of developer.
This approach is perfectly in line with the goals of the economic development plans, and takes into account the 04 guidelines of the National Plan for Territory Development - SNAT - by 2030, which are:

⦁ Resources sustainability,
⦁ The rebalancing of territories,
⦁ Territories attractiveness and competitiveness,
⦁ Social and territorial equity.
The approach adopted by the National Plan for Territory Development to allow a new industrial process to start, is in a first phase, a prudential one because it takes into account the limits of a territory which does not currently offer everywhere the same conditions for the development of a powerful, efficient and competitive industry.

This observation implies that in the immediate future the areas of the national territory which will allow a significant revival of economic and social development, are the spaces structured around big cities. These spaces currently offer the best conditions of attractiveness. As such, the National Plan for Territory Development has chosen:
⦁ Algiers with its extensions to Blida, Boumerdes, Tipaza, and Tizi - Ouzou;
⦁ Oran with the urban regions including Mostaganem, Sidi Bel Abbes, Relizane and Mascara;
⦁ Constantine, Annaba and Skikda.

The Analysis also shows the emergence of new economic spaces such as Sétif, Bordj Bou Arreridj, Batna, Tébessa and Tlemcen.

However, big cities that historically have the most important industrial sites are the only ones that are able to offer the conditions for the development of new powerful competitive and innovative industrial spaces. This is the line chosen by the National Plan for Territory Development and that largely inspired ANIREF to define its approach concerning the development of these new industrial zones.

Furthermore, ANIREF's approach remains in perfect harmony with the principles adopted by the industrial development strategy with regard to the redeployment of this sector; a redeployment that remains based on two main aspects: competitiveness, innovation and technical progress as well as the taking into account of spatial planning imperatives to reduce inequalities between the different regions. Territorial Action Plan n ° 13 is also included.

The land offer of ANIREF will be based on the development of new spaces, attractive by their locations, fully developed and equipped with all the amenities to facilitate the establishment of multiple industries. For the Agency, the challenge is to propose a new concept of an industrial zone in Algeria; a concept based on international best practices. It is a “new generation” model zone that will attempt to bring together the best conditions for attractiveness. In addition, the Agency does not rule out considering environmental concerns in the design and operation of these spaces.