In response to the high demand for land for investment, the government has embarked on an extensive national programme to build new industrial zones according to international standards in order to make Algeria an economically attractive destination.

The implementation of this programme has a real economic and social impact at both national and regional levels by contributing:

  • To the socio-economic development of the regions;
  • To the stimulation of sustainable productive employment;
  • To the profitability of basic infrastructure;
  • To the development and growth of the industrial vocation of the regions to bring landlocked communities out of isolation.

The future vision of the new industrial zones

Integrated projects including a land offer tailored to the needs of investors;
Sites designed with strict respect for the environment;
Well-appointed spaces, providing a coherent and controlled industrial landscape and guaranteeing users of the areas optimal service and connectivity (junction to networks adapted to traffic and flows);
Modern and efficient management.

The objectives of the program

  • Increasing land supply for investment;
  • Structuring the territory;
  • Promoting non-hydrocarbon productive investment;
  • Putting  stakeholders and sectors into synergies;
  • Strengthening the regional balance policy;
  • Improving the business climate in Algeria.

The program Features

  • 50 industrial zones spread over 39 wilayas;
  • Takes into account the 04 guidelines of the National Land Development Scheme -SNAT - by 2030;
  • Total area of 12,000 Ha;
  • 44 industrial zones are the responsibility of the walis;
  • 6 industrial zones registred on behalf of ANIREF.