ABOUT ALGERIA                   
Official Name : People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Capital: Algiers

Position: North Africa

Area: 2 381 741 km²

Coastline: 1200 km long coastline

Regime: Presidential

Neighboring Countries: Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco                                 

Administrative organization : 58 Wilayas. 
Main cities: Algiers, Oran,, Constantine, Annaba, and other chief towns of Wilayas
Time zone: GMT+1

Climate: A Mediterranean climate in the North, a semi-arid climate in the Highlands, desert climate in the South
Language:  Official and National language: Arabic and Tamazight
                 Commonly used language: French

Currency: Algerian Dinar (DZD)

National code of domains: DZ

  • 44,6 million inhabitants (2021)
  • Population growth rate:1.93 %
  • Literacy rate (2020): 90 % of the total population
  • Number of households (march 2021): 7.33 millions
  • Unemployment rate (2020): 11.4%
  • GDP/inhabitant (2020): 10 656 $USD

Week-end: Friday and Saturday
Working days: Sunday to Thursday
Working hours: ⦁ From 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m
                      ⦁ Banks close at 03.00 p.m
                      ⦁ Post offices close at 06.00 p.m
Legal Holidays

1- National feasts:
- Day of Independence :July 5th
- Celebration of the outbreak of the national war of liberation: November 1st
2- Civil Holidays:
- Labor Day: May 1st
- New Year´s Day: January 1st
-Yennayar (Amazigh New Year):: January 12 th
3- Religious feasts:
- Aïd-El-Fitr (breaking of fast) -2 days
- Aïd-El-Adha - 2 days
- Awwal Muharram (Islamic new year's day)
- Ashura
- El Mawlid en -Nabawi (feast of the birth of the prophet) 


⦁ Telecommunications network among the most modern networks in the Mediterranean basin;
⦁ A rapidly growing telecommunications market;
⦁ A fully digitalized telephone network which should provide 100% coverage of the country with a clear increase both in quality of service and in number of subscribers;
⦁ A significant fixed telephone density;
⦁ A significant improvement in mobile telephone services. The rate of the population covered by the cellular mobile network: 100% in 2021 (64.04 million subscribers in Q1 of 2021.

WIFI network:
Internet and data transmission
⦁ Internet network covering almost the entire country ;
⦁ International bandwidth reaching 2.4 Terabit/second (Tbps) in 2020. 

Postal checks service:
⦁ The densification and renovation of the postal network: with the computer network connecting all post offices it is possible to carry out various operations (payment and withdrawal on demand, accelerated payment, consultation, statement of operations, etc.);
⦁ Services: mail, savings, postal checks, airmail service, electronic payment, modernization of the mass payment system and Postal Financial Services (SFP);
⦁ Post offices throughout the territory;
⦁ Money transfer through the 'Western Union” network;
⦁ The generalization of the electronic card..


Rail transport:

Network: 4,576 km of which 324 km are electrified
Under construction: 6,000 km

⦁ Maritime transport

Algeria has a coastline that is over 1280 km long and port infrastructure of forty-five (45) ports in service, including:
⦁ 11 mixed commercial ports (trade, fishing and hydrocarbons). The ports are fitted out and equipped to allow the handling and stopover of ships, car-ferries, RO-RO, container ships, bulk carriers and oil tankers and also to ensure the passage of all types of goods;
⦁ 02 ports specialized in hydrocarbons (Skikda East and Béthioua);
⦁ 31 fishing harbors and shelters including six of them that are located inside commercial ports;
⦁ 01 marina in Sidi Fredj;
⦁ 200 maritime signal lights;
⦁ Coastal defense works.

⦁ Airports:
35 airports including 13 international ones.

⦁ Road network:
Road network: more than 118,000 km including 2,450 km of highways. One of the densest networks in Africa.

A. The East-West Highway (designed to be connected to Casablanca and Tunis).

B. The Highlands Highway.

C. The Trans-Sahara Highway connecting the north of the country to Sub-Saharan African countries.